Five of the Most Eligible Bachelors for Jordan Brand

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Many players in the NBA wear Jordans, but to say one is an official member of the Jordan Brand team serves as something totally different. In our discussions with certain members of the Jordan Brand team over the years (such as Chris Paul and Ray Allen), we have heard that MJ handpicks players that possess his competitive nature and his leadership capabilities. In addition to players like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, who else could you see on the Jordan Brand roster? Our Nice Kicks staff compiled a list of five eligible bachelors for Jordan Brand.

Nate Robinson

Besides the Nike Air Max2 CB 94, the only thing Nate Robinson wears on court is Jordans . So, why not? You saw his locker earlier today. Did you see anything other than Jordans? This marriage would make perfect sense because Nate is full of energy, excitement and is passionate about his Jordans. He would happily represent Jordan Brand seeing that MJ’s series of shoes is his favorite signature line ever. Also, in case you didn’t know, he signed with the Chicago Bulls this off-season, so expect to see the Jordans we saw His Airness wearing back in the day on the United Center hardwood this season with or without the official endorsement.

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