Filling Pieces Blends Luxury Materials with a Streetwear Design

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“It all started with a vision.”

The above statement characterizes the beginning of Guillaume Philibert’s entrepreneurial journey into the footwear space. With the hopes of constructing premium sneakers at inexpensive price points along with fashion-forward apparel, his hopes would soon transform into a reality. In 2009, the Amsterdam-based brand Filling Pieces was born. Since then, Filling Pieces has become internationally recognized, with a presence in over 49 countries and a catalog of different footwear pieces. Bringing together people of all backgrounds, Philibert’s vision has allowed the brand to blossom into a force within the industry.

Track Radar

Perhaps most famous for their footwear, Filling Pieces has done an incredible job of providing a high-quality product for a reasonable price. Philibert’s first sneaker, The Low Top, has become the brand’s signature trophy. At a retail price between $227-$281 depending on the model, The Low Top provides tremendous value for prospective buyers. Details like the elongated tongue and the sneaker’s aggressive shape have made it perfect for those who enjoy streetwear. In contrast, premium materials such as their in-house nubuck leather and leather lining provide appeal to luxury consumers as well. The Low Top has since transformed itself into a massive catalog, with different models like the “Low Top Ghost” and the “Low Top Ripple.” Whether one enjoys streetwear or high fashion, the Low Top proves to be a unique silhouette ready to suit anyone’s needs.

Low Top Low Top Dress Cup Matt Gala

In addition to “The Low Top”, the brand has made strides with their other capitating silhouettes. For example, the Mondo Marino mixes a minimalist color pallet with a loud, chunky silhouette. Alternatively, the Low Plain Court is Filling Pieces’ attempt at a clean, classic sneaker. Besides these, there is an abundance of colorways and other models to choose from, fitting the aesthetics of both males and females.

Mondo Marino Low Plain Court

Filling Pieces can be bought on their corporate website, as well as sites like luxury retailer Farfetch. With the brand quickly growing, be on the lookout for new iterations of their signature silhouettes. Learn more about their story here.

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