Everything You Need to Know: Reebok Shaqnosis

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Cultural Significance

The Reebok Shaqnosis only released in its famous black/white colorway, but what other colors would work with hypnotism? Shaq laced up his Shaqnosis during the 1995-96 season where he led the Orlando Magic to a franchise-best 60 wins, and also during the 1996 All-Star game. During the offseason, O’Neal elected to relocate to the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent. The historical Lakers didn’t have pinstripe uniforms or flashy colors that perfectly accented the Shaqnosis, and The Big Diesel moved to the next signature in his line. Reebok’s most recognizable shoe may have only lasted a single season on NBA hardwood, but its popularity in other avenues was far more lasting. Shaq’s hypnotic signature also caught on as a casual shoe on the streets and made appearances everywhere, such as on Will Smith’s feet in the original Men In Black movie. Since it disappeared from production for almost two decades, the shoe had previously been very hard to find. Now with a fresh stock the Reebok Shaqnosis is sure to be everywhere again, including on celebrities such as Chris Brown, who wore the Reeboks during his performance at the 2013 BET Awards.

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