ESPN Analyst Thinks Jordans Contribute to NFL Players Going Broke

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ESPN analyst and former professional football player Matt Bowen put together a video and article about the many ways that cause NFL players to go broke.  ESPN has tackled the conversation many times including a special 30 For 30 titled “Broke” in 2012 that featured athletes from a variety of professional leagues.

On the list included some obvious ones including real estate purchases, giving money to friends and family, and even a pet tiger, but was Matt Bowen reaching when he listed Jordans as being a contributor to going broke?

In the piece he states his explanation:

I’m talking about closets filled with just Jordans. And they are clean too. Never worn, really. Floor to ceiling. Just packed with J’s.

While Matt Bowen didn’t name any names, NFL stars have been known to frequent sneaker shops around the country including Joe Haden who we featured in our original series Sneak Peek.  It should be noted that Haden has taken his love of sneakers to an entrepreneurial level opening his own shop in Cleveland called The Restock.

Do you think that Jordans are causing NFL players to go broke or could it be just one part of a larger spending problem?  Let us know on social media by hitting us up at @nicekicks across all platforms.

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