Endstate Launches Sneaker NFT to Support Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

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As Ukraine is actively being invaded by Russia, people around the world are asking how they can help. Endstate Sneakers offers their support by launching a special Ukraine Aid NFT collection to help the people of Ukraine. 100% of the profits will be donated to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

Known as the “Ukraine Aid” sneakers, the shoes come in both digital and physical form. Endstate Cofounder Stephanie Howard, who has previously worked for Nike, New Balance, and Reebok, designed the “Ukraine Aid” sneakers. The silhouette has a sock-like upper with a split blue and yellow colorway, which is a nod to the Ukrainian flag. “Peace” is written in Ukrainian across the medial side of each shoe. The sneaker is complete with a white midsole, black outsole, and Endstate logo at the top.

As a brand, Endstate lives at the intersection of sneakers and NFTs. Knowing how passionate the sneakerhead and web3 communities are, Endstate invites people to come together in support of the Ukraine. Endstate wants to show the world the power of these communities and how they can be used to ignite change by encouraging generosity.

“Endstate, as a web3-native brand, is taking action here because of our ability to move quickly, energize and engage our community, and allocate funds in a publicly auditable manner,” said Bennett Collen, Endstate Cofounder and CEO. “We will work tirelessly to ensure all proceeds are distributed in a timely and effective manner, and everything will be on chain and publicly auditable. Transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness are our major priorities.”

As soon as the mint is complete, Endstate will donate the funds and post all transaction details. The initial proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief, an organization working alongside Ukraine’s Ministry of Health to provide medical aid.

The Endstate Ukraine Aid Sneaker and NFT are available now. To purchase, visit  Endstate.io. The sneakers are priced at 3.5 SOL (approx. $288 USD). 100% of the profits (mint price, minus the cost to manufacture the sneakers) will be donated. Additionally, Endstate will cover the cost to manufacture the sneakers for the first 100 redeemed pairs, meaning that 100% of the mint price for these pairs will be donated. If you’re only interested in the NFT, and not the physical sneakers, then at your request the sneakers will not be manufactured, and your entire contribution will be donated while you retain the NFT. Otherwise holders can expect to receive their physical sneakers 8-10 weeks after redeeming their NFT. For more sneaker news and release dates, follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

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