eBay is a Sneakerheads’ Paradise with its Selection and Authentication Program

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eBay continues to be an important member of the sneaker community. Since the early days of sneaker culture, sneaker transactions the heart and soul of Bay. The buying/selling retros and new releases momentum has yet to let up from the company. Not only has its sneaker selection grown to new heights, but eBay is also evolving with its own sneaker Authenticity Guarantee to ensure that every verified pair finds a good home.

The company teamed up with Sneaker Con to ensure that no fakes, no frauds circulate the crowded sneaker market. From the shoe itself to the accessories and even the box, eBay does a detailed job verifying every single pair sold through its program.

An eBay Authenticity Guarantee tag will be attached to each pair of sneakers once its authentication partner has verified them. The Authenticity Guarantee tag is fastened to the sneaker and activated with eBay’s digital stamp of authenticity and customized with the sneakers’ details. By holding your NFC-enabled device near the tag, you will receive a prompt and view your sneakers’ authenticity report.

In addition to its highly reassuring Authenticity Guarantee program, eBay is the go-to platform with no seller fees for $100+ sneakers and assured with protections via Authenticity Guarantee.

Learn more about its extensive authentication program below. Let us know your most recent eBay pick-up on social media as well.

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