Disney Auctions Exclusive Adidas S.E.E.D Sneakers Benefitting The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Disney makes dreams come true with the “Create 100” auction, a global fundraiser that features 1-of-1 artworks from renowned visionaries.

To celebrate 100 years of Disney, the entertainment company has partnered with the Adidas S.E.E.D., a design program in partnership with Pensole at the Brooklyn Creator Farm supported by Pharrell Williams, to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Disney and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have worked together for over 40 years to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Legendary creatives such such as Nigo, Beyoncé, Cynthia Lu, Marc Jacobs, and more, have all donated exclusive items, artworks, and experiences to Disney’s “Create 100” auction.

Designers from the Adidas S.E.E.D. program — Chandricka Carr, Kimmiski Adams, and Daziah Green — represent the next generation of visionaries as they each created custom 1-of-1 sneakers and apparel inspired by their personal connection to Disney stories and characters.

Bidding for the Disney x Make-A-Wish “Create 100” Auction is open now until October 30, 2023. Check out the full auction via Givergy and learn more about the Adidas S.E.E.D items below.

Kimmiski Adams

Adidas Rivalry High “Quintessentially”
The Princess and the Frog
Kimmiski Adams, adidas Rivalry High "Princess and the Frog"

Inspired by the magic of The Princess and the Frog, Adidas designer Kimmiski Adams brings to life Tiana’s quest to live her dreams on her custom Adidas Rivalry High “Quintessentially.”

“Being able to create with Disney is absolutely wow,” Kimmiski Adams said.

Adams grew up watching movies like The Lion King and now spends time with her nephew watching The Princess and the Frog.

“From the time [my nephew] was able to say that he wants to watch something, we’ve been watching Princess and the Frog. At least twice a week I’m watching this movie.”

The journey of The Princess and the Frog begins with the left shoe. The soft brown and yellow leather represents Tiana’s diner uniform and the hardwood floor of her namesake restaurant, “Tiana’s Place.” The restaurant’s logo appears on the tongue tag, while a beignet dubrae adds more sweet details to the sneaker.

The right sneaker is covered in swampy shades of green to symbolize Tiana’s transition from a bayou frog to a stunning princess. This sneaker also pays homage to Ray and Luis with a lilypad dubrae on the silk ribbon laces. Tiana appears in her gown on the tongue tag, while intricate beading fit for a princess complete the sneaker.

Before joining Adidas S.E.E.D, Adams was a school teacher and was encouraged by her students to apply for the program. Adams has always been an artist and longtime lover of sneakers, and the Adidas S.E.E.D. program created a pathway for her to become a Color and Materials Designer for Adidas Basketball.

“I’ve always been heavily optimistic on the borderline of delusion,” Adams said. “Being in S.E.E.D. and seeing myself grow professionally in something that I wasn’t quite sure about doing [has been amazing]. If you remain optimistic, a lot of things are possible. You can do a lot of cool stuff if you live in-between delusion and reality. S.E.E.D manifested itself in its all glory. Being able to share this story so that other people can find out about the program and have those same things come to fruition is a really big thing for me.”

Daziah Green

Adidas Forum Low “Mirabel Miracle”

Adidas S.E.E.D. designer Daziah Green encourages you to discover your inner magic with her custom Adidas Forum Low “Mirabel Miracle.” Green created a sneaker inspired by Encanto, which she would watch often with her little cousin who struggles with epilepsy.

“My little cousin has Epilepsy and she was a huge part of the inspiration behind me choosing the movie Encanto,” Green said. “We would always watch it together. I was pretty much her caretaker at a time, and a support system for her.”

Green’s Adidas Forum Low “Mirabel Miracle” has a white leather upper with black Adidas Three-Stripes and customizable patches that showcase different members of Mirabel’s family. The sneaker has a turquoise suede toe with removable straps for added detail and the option for the wearer to customize the sneakers themselves in pursuit of self expression.

“My childhood revolved around a lot of Disney art and creativity,” Green said. “Me and my twin would watch cartoons or movies, and try to sketch the characters that we saw.”

Green grew up to become a freelance artist and graphic designer. She is now in her second year of the Adidas S.E.E.D. program, where she works closely with the Adidas US Football team and has created exclusive Adidas collaborations with Lexus and Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, in addition to Disney.

“This is a project that is near and dear to our hearts,” Green said. “Usually we’re designing for a consumer in mind and something that we think that they would like, but [this opportunity] we actually got to design something that represents us, our journey and what it took to get here.”

Despite all the amazing opportunities she’s had thus far, Green admits that the invitation to design for Disney’s Create 100 auction has been a special moment.

“It’s kind of a full circle moment to design for Make-A-Wish because I got to donate a piece to make another person’s dreams come true, and this was a dream come true for me,” Green added.

Chandricka Carr

“Dare to Dream” Varsity Jacket

When challenged with coming up with a design for Disney, Adidas S.E.E.D. designer Chandricka Carr recalled back to heartfelt childhood firsts.

“The first jewelry I ever got from my mother for my birthday was a Mickey Mouse necklace,” Carr said. “And the first place I ever traveled to other than the islands to go back and visit family was to Disney World, so to work with Disney and do something meaningful — I don’t even know how to express it.”

Inspired by the vintage Disney aesthetic, Carr created a one-of-a-kind varsity leather jacket featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. The front of the jacket is complete with Adidas and Disney monogram that runs across its chest. The collar has a message that read “Dream, Create, Believe,” which is complemented by a Mickey Mouse charm on the zipper.

Carr received an MS in fashion design from Drexel University and has since designed for several fashion and sports leisurewear brands. She first joined the Adidas S.E.E.D program in 2020 and is currently working on with Adidas’ lifestyle basketball division.

From watching Aladdin every Saturday morning as a kid, to growing up to have Mickey Mouse decor in her own home, Carr has so many Disney memories, and the opportunity to design for Disney’s Create 100 auction has been one of her favorite memories yet.

“This was an amazing experience and out of all the accomplishments that I’ve done with Adidas so far, this is probably top,” Carr expressed. “We made some dope pieces.”

But more than just the dope designs, Carr was happy to create something meaningful that would have a lasting impact in someone else’s life.

“This opportunity was different because it was something that was done from the heart, from the spirit, and was from the soul, and was something that was done to get to another soul,” Carr said.

From inspiring confidence to transforming her career, the Adidas S.E.E.D. program has changed Carr’s life in more ways than one, and she’s forever grateful for the opportunity to follow her dreams.

“I am a dreamer. I always dream. I try to dream in colors, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would dream this,” said Carr. “I didn’t think that I would be working at Adidas. I thought I was going to have to build my own table. S.E.E.D. changed my life because it told me that it was okay to come have a seat.”

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