“Damn Daniel” Vans Creating a Buzz on Amazon

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Vine star turned young trendsetter Daniel Lara has added sneaker influencer to his resume and he’s got the Amazon reviews to prove it. After blowing up in his friend Josh Holz’s clips, his white Vans Slip-On sneakers have gotten an insane amount of exposure and are already making waves on eBay and at retail.

According to Business Insider, well over a dozen Amazon reviews for all-white Vans have already been posted with “Damn Daniel” references. On paper, that doesn’t sound like a ton, but when you consider this is only one outlet, how few people actually leave reviews and that the “Damn Daniel” Vine hasn’t been online for even a month, it definitely leads one to believe that this viral sensation is moving the needle at retail.

While kids that grew up in the early-00s had “Make 7 Up Yours” t-shirts and Allen Iverson’s Reebok Question sneakers, Vans all but accidentally has a combined but multiplied hit on their hands with the “Damn Daniels” in 2016 even though the all-white Slip-Ons have been around forever. The amazingly awesome part of all this is that Vans is one of the very few brands that doesn’t pay any endorsers to wear their kicks (not Kanye, not Kylie, not even the rock bands they work with) aside from their signed skaters. So no pun intended, but all their sightings are ‘authentic.’ In turn, Daniel Lara is just as much an endorser as any A-lister, though we hope he’s getting hooked up with some customs or coupon codes.

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