Custom Corner: Eric Lowry of El Cappy Customz

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My how things have changed. In a matter of months custom Jordans have gone from taboo to toast in the sneaker culture. How?d this happen? By crossbreeding campout colorways with storied signatures, Eric Lowry is one of many adding creativity and accessibility to the game. Last spring, the man behind El Cappy Customz burst onto the scene with his ?South Beach? Jordan 6. He?s made a name for himself with his theme carryovers, but his portfolio isn?t short on diversity. We caught up with Cap to learn more about his craft.

What got you into sneakers?

I?ve been skateboarding for nine years, so really all the dope Nike SBs that were coming out like the Supreme’s, Jedi’s, Hunter’s, and all the (other) dope collaborations and great concepts for shoes then. That?s what caught my eye from the beginning.

How did you get started making customs?

After collecting shoes I felt like the ideas that I had for sneakers should be made so I tried it out. When I first started I wasn’t doing it the right way and it was just a learning experience. Trial and error was how I learned and I think it made me better in a way.

Which creation is your personal favorite?

I don?t know if I have a personal favorite. I feel like every time I make a new custom it tops the other ones. I do like the “Viotech Dunkle” Low a lot I did years ago though, definitely one of my craziest concepts.

Nike Dunk Low "Dunkle/Viotech" by El Cappy Customz

Who have you done work for?

DJ House Shoes, One Be Lo, Black Milk, RoSpit and BR Rick. Shout out to Burn Rubber! I?ve been holding down Detroit basically, no one big out of state yet. The work is out there though! I think I have customs in 18 states and two countries as of now.

Are your designs meant to be wearable or as a display piece?

All of my designs are meant to be worn. I hope everyone who?s had customs done has at least worn them once to break necks!

Air Jordan 4 "Grape" by El Cappy Customz

Where do you find inspiration?

I get my inspiration from every day life, sneakers that have already come out, and marijuana use [Laughs].

What?s your general design process?

I have a very photographic imagination, so when I think of a shoe I know exactly how it?s going to look. Usually I will just jump into the project once I think of the idea and will change something along the way if needed.

How much time does a project typically take?

It really depends on how busy I am. Usually I’m working on two to six projects at once, but I would say anywhere from a few hours to a month.

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