Custom Air Jordan 1 “Wingtip” Gets a Reptilian Makeover

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The wingtip dress shoe is a favorite around the office, important events and much more. What if you could combine the look of the wingtip with that of an Air Jordan 1?

Let’s take that a step further. What if we could take the wingtip, the Air Jordan 1 and some premium crocodile?

Custom Air Jordan 1 “Crocodile Wingtip” by The Heyy Man

That equation gets you The Heyy Man‘s newest creation that combines the luxury and multi-functionality of the Air Jordan 1 to an elevated look thanks to the winter inspiration and use of crocodile skin.

If you’re looking to expand your AJ1 collection, be sure to grab a pair here.

Custom Air Jordan 1 “Crocodile Wingtip” by The Heyy Man

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