Custom Air Jordan 1 “Double High” Rises to the Occasion

Aug 8, 2019 | Luis Torres |



The Air Jordan 1 has transcended from becoming a performance basketball shoe into one of the most legendary sneakers in pop-culture, streetwear and beyond. Its high cut and simplistic design appeals to any and all aesthetics making it a heavy favorite in anyone’s rotation.

For the last 30 years and counting, we’ve seen the Air Jordan 1 elevate to different heights thanks to collabs and customizers.

Custom Air Jordan 1 “Double High”

This custom Air Jordan 1 speaks volume to the evolution of the AJ1 with its premium features and raised ankle collar. The Air Jordan  1 “Double High” was designed by Next Of and crafted by JBF Customs using high-quality leather with python accents across the upper.

Both Next Of and JBF Customs have been working on this sneaker for the past two years in order to perfectly create a one-of-a-time luxury. The sneaker will be limited to 20 pairs as it is set to release on August 10th over at

Head over to IG and give both Next Of and JBF Customs a follow for more quality work. Take a better look at the sneaker below, and let us know your thoughts on.

Custom Air Jordan 1 “Double High”
Custom Air Jordan 1 “Double High”
Custom Air Jordan 1 “Double High”