Converse Chuck Taylor

The Converse Chuck Taylor, also known as the Converse All-Stars, is arguably the most recognizable sneaker that has ever been manufactured. Debuting in 1917, Converse directly targeted the basketball market with this one-of-a-kind shoe. It became (and still is) one of the more sought-after shoes to ever come through the sneaker industry.

The first styles of the timeless Chuck Taylor first unleashed in a canvas base combined with a rubber sole. They became even more popular when little known basketball player Chuck Taylor made this sneaker his preferred basketball shoe. Since its early stages, the Chuck Taylor has been more of a chameleon in the industry. In addition to canvas, this shoe has featured a plethora of different textures and styles such as leather, patent leather, sweatshirt material among many others. Nonetheless, the Chuck Taylor model will forever be a staple in the sneaker world.