Throwback Thursday: Converse Aero Jam “Grandmama”

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After the era of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson ended in 1992, Converse looked to their roster of NBA players and selected the young, powerful, and promising 1992 Rookie of the Year Larry Johnson for a premier signature line.The first shoe of two signatures LJ wore for Converse was the Converse Aero Jam. Thanks in large part to the advertising campaign that promoted the shoes, LJ and his shoes quickly earned the nickname “Grandmama.” LJ even took this a step further when he appeared on the family sitcom Family Matters as “Grandmama.”

The Converse Aero Jam featured the cushioning and support system REACT juice in the heel and around the back of the ankle providing just what the 6’7″ 240lbs. Power Forward needed on court.?? Besides the tech, the shoes featured some attractive details such as a fading splattered midsole, textured heel midsole, and fading colors on the removable cover.?? Featuring LJ’s jersey number on the front of the shoe as well as the Hornets colors there was no mistaking these shoes to be anything but the “Grandmama’s”.

The Converse Aero Jam was retroed before in 2003 celebrating its 10th anniversary, but this all took place before Nike acquired the suffering brand.?? The shoes returned in three colorways, but none matched any of the originals as well as no REACT juice.?? Converse, now that you are with the master of retros, please have this shoe return!

Get a better look at these kicks after the jump as well as a sz 14.5 development sample we came across in our sneaker hunts.?? I wonder who that was made for? 🙂

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