A Complete History of Back To The Future “Marty McFly” Shoes

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Yesterday didn’t just bring in a new year for us all, but one very important one for fans of the Back To The Future trilogy and sneaker fans alike. Yesterday was the official beginning of 2015 – the future we have long thought about. Unfortunately, there is no flying car, no hoverboards, and we might not be dressed quite like we were supposed to either, but we aren’t out of time for the bring back of the Nike MAG.

Nike joined forces with Michael J Fox and Universal to bring back the Nike MAG in 2011 for a very limited run, but as we reported last year, Tinker Hatfield confirmed we would see the Nike MAG with power laces in 2015.

While there is no release information at this time for the Nike MAG bring back, let us take a look back at all the shoes the Nike MAG inspired over the years. From official collabs with the studio to unofficial Marty McFly inspirations, the shoes have a life beyond the silver screen.


“Marty McFly” Nike Hyperdunk(2008)

Shoe: Nike Hyperdunk “2015”
Year: 2008

The first sneaker to sport the Air Mag colorway was the famed Nike Hyperdunk. McFly inspiration touched the already futuristic model with Universal Studios allowing Nike to use the grey colorway and teal speckled midsole. A glow in the dark outsole and ‘2015’ tagging on the tongue added nostalgia to the design. Kobe Bryant arriving at the UNDFTD release event in the DeLorean car from the movie provided bonus recall for the big screen sneaker.

Nike SB Zoom Tre AD “Marty McFly” (2009)

Shoe: Nike SB Zoom Tre AD
Year: 2009

Capitalizing off the success of the Hyperdunk, the Nike SB Zoom Tre AD “Marty McFly” released shortly after. While some may have preferred to see the colorway lent to another high top hoop shoe, the SB Zoom Tre brought the McFly inspiration back to its roots as Marty wore the Air Mag on his skateboard inspired hover-board. Much like the Hyperdunk, the Zoom Tre featured glow in the dark accents, this time on the Swoosh. The shoe was a successful release and was far more available than its predecessor.

Nike Hypermax “McFly” ( 2009)

Shoe: Nike Hypermax “McFly”
Year: 2009

Fans rejoiced when Nike unveiled the big man evolution of the Hyperdunk in an Air Mag inspired colorway. The Nike Hypermax “McFly” borrowed the look from its Flight camp brother and took it to another level adding straps, hot pink lining, and dropping the Flywire. Unfortunately the Flywire wasn’t the only thing dropped as Nike ultimately cancelled the colorway in the US with only accounts in Asia and Australia receiving the shoe. While it was speculated that this makeup resembled the Air Mag “too closely” an official reason was never disclosed by Nike or Universal Studios for the lack of US distribution.

Nike Hyperdunk Low “Marty McFly” (2010)

Shoe: Nike Hyperdunk Low
Year: 2010

Lower, simpler, and cheaper, the Nike Hyperdunk Low “Marty McFly” was supposed to fill the void for those that could not find or afford its midtop counterpart. The shoe featured the exact same colorway minus the 2015 branding. While low top performance basketball shoes rarely have casual cross over appeal fans were eager to scoop the new McFly pair at a reasonable $90. Similar to the Hypermax, the shoe was eventually scrapped and thus unreleased.

Nike Lunar Racer “McFly” (2010)

Shoe: Women’s Nike LunarRacer
Year: 2010
Along the lines of the Hyperdunk Low and the Hypermax, the Nike LunarRacer “McFly” too went unreleased. Though the LunarRacer had enough success of its own with out McFly co-signing, this colorway marked one of the best. Ladies were not forgotten in the Back to the Future craze as this model was a women’s LunarRacer. An all grey mesh upper was complimented by teal and pink Flywire atop a silver Lunar Foam midsole. Samples have hit eBay but this pair was never put into production.

Radaii Noble “Kicks From The Future” (2011)

Shoe: Radii Noble “Kicks From The Future”
Year: 2011

Independent sneaker brand Radii got the bug and dropped a pair of McFly inspired sneakers with the “Kicks From The Future” Radii Noble.  These released in the summer of 2011 ahead of the announcement of a return of the Nike MAG.

Nike MAG (2011)

Shoe: Nike MAG
Year: 2011

At last, it was official!

Nike put on one of the most incredible events that we have ever been a part of to unveil the bring back of the Nike MAG.  The shoes were extremely limited and were all sold on eBay to the highest bidders to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  It was so great to not only see the shoes return, but to be done in a way that would benefit such a great organization and cause.

Back To The Future II shoes (2014)

Shoe: Back To The Future II Shoes
Year: 2014

Despite the announcement of the Nike MAG returning in 2015, Universal Studios apparently licensed knockoff versions of the Nike MAG to be sold by a Halloween costume group.  The move is still considered very controversial as how can one wear a “licensed” shoe that isn’t “licensed” by the company that designed and produced the shoes in the film.  The lookalikes are apparently not clear in the legal world and there is a rumor of behind closed doors legal activity surrounding the shoes.

All we can hope for as heads is that this release doesn’t prevent a LEGIT Nike MAG release with power laces in 2015.

Will the Nike MAG release on September 8, 2015?

Shoe: Nike MAG 2015
Year: 2015

Confirmed by Tinker Hatfield, we will see the Nike MAG in 2015 with Power Laces. Now as for a release date, would September 8, 2015 be the Nike MAG 2015 release date? Only time will tell unless we’re Out Of Time.

Nike MAG 2015 release with Power Laces

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