Community Collections: Terrell Zackery

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Community Collections swings through the Sunshine State to highlight a sneaker enthusiast who loves his OGs. Terrell Zackery is a constant collector from Tampa who doesn’t worry about pure numbers. Fully embracing the approach of quality over quantity, his closet features a diverse roster of brands.

Surf through the pages to see highlights and commentary on Terrell’s sneaker stash, including the model that got him hooked and his most rare pair. Drop us a line on what you think of his collection in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and keep Nice Kicks bookmarked for everything sneakers.


Name: Terrell Zackery
Instagram: @The_Shoelebrity
City: Tampa, FL
Started: 1996
Size: 10.5

Collection Summary

“My collection is all over the place. My favorite shoes are LeBron’s, but I don’t stick to just one style or brand. Some of my favorite sneakers are the ones most people don’t think of getting or don’t know much about. To me, there is no better feeling in the sneaker community than hunting for and finally tracking down that one pair you have been looking for, and finally having it in your possession. At one point I bought every sneaker that remotely sparked my interest, but then it got to the point where I had no room and wasn’t wearing much of them anymore, so I sold and gave away a lot of them. Now it’s about getting what I really like and what I know I will wear, and yes I wear EVERY sneaker I own. Don’t let other people’s thoughts determine what you wear, and as everyone has heard at one point: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.”

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