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Community Collections jumps across the pond to feature a newly-inspired sneaker enthusiast from Germany. Shahrouz Shirazi just recently rejoined the community of kick collectors, but he has already established a respectable stock that is showcased in a unique display. Originally lacing the Black/Cement Air Jordan 3 as a young basketball player, this revived collector is back in the flow after over a decade away. Since Shirazi makes it a focus to wear each and every one of his recent pairs, he keeps them alternatively ‘on ice’ inside of a Heineken refrigerator.

Browse your way through the pages to hear Shahrouz’s sneaker story and see some of his favorites with personal commentary, including his Most Rare Pair and Most Frequent Wear. Leave your feedback on his stash in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and keep refreshing Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.


Name: Shahrouz Shirazi
City: Hamburg, Germany
Instagram: @Shahrazzo
Size: 10.5
Started: 2012

Collection Summary:

“Growing up and balling during the MJ era, you might think I call a huge Air Jordan collection my own. Well, that’s not the case. When I used to play basketball as a kid, I owned a pair of Air Jordan III Black Cement OGs and AND1 Stephon Marbury IIs. My favorite ones used to be the Nike Air Zoom Flight 95. After 14 long years of not being active at basketball, I am back in the game for two years now and enjoying my passion for basketball kicks. In the search for a performance model that suits my style of balling, collecting shoes became a huge obsession, and I know it won’t change any time soon! My collection is dominated by ‘loud’ and colorful new-school performance kicks. Take a look at my stash that I keep cool in my Heineken fridge, for everyday use.”

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