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In honor of the WNBA’s Breast Health Awareness week, Community Collections puts the spotlight on a sneaker enthusiast who is always thinking pink. Patrick Sumugat has a stock of over 20 pink pairs, but he doesn’t wear the colors just to stand out. Working in hospitals all over the world, Sumugat wears his bright shoes as a sign of support for those battling cancer. This honorable gesture is much appreciated in the hospitals he has attended from Singapore to Canada, making his collection that mostly consists of “Kay Yow” and “Think Pink” designs more than meaningful.

Work your way through the following pages to see highlights and commentary on Patrick’s entire sneaker stash, including his Most Rare Pair and Most Frequent Wear. Drop a line on what you think of his collection in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and keep refreshing Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.


Name: Patrick Sumugat
Instagram: @jacobhawkins44
City: Manila, PHL/Singapore, Winnipeg, CA
Size: 10

Collection Summary:

“I’m a late bloomer. I started collecting sneakers in 2011, while working in a hospital in Singapore. The pink ribbons on the Kay Yow shoes caught my attention, and I bought myself a pair of Nike Hyperdisruptor “Pink Fire” that kick-started my fascination with pink shoes, and especially with Kay Yows. At first, collecting pinks was very easy because sneakerheads were passing on them. Originally there was no hassle buying online, but now the pink sneaker game is alive and kicking because the day of stereotyping pinks are over. In my field of work, I have this undying affinity with cancer patients, and I’ll be rocking Pinks/Kay Yows as my sign of support. After my stint in Singapore, I went back home to Manila with my collection that was 16 pairs at the time, and a few months after I went and migrated my 22 pairs of pinks with me here in Canada.”

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