Collector “Phase 2” Recently Showcased His Insane PE Sneakers At Index PDX

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As we found out firsthand in our “Sneak Peek” episode with Jermaine Tolentino, aka PHASE2, he has one hell of a collection of rare samples, prototypes and vintage sneakers.

A longtime collector who also happens to be one of the most friendly and active ambassadors in the sneaker community, Jermaine recently showcased several of his favorite sneakers at Portland’s INDEXPDX in an event that also doubled as a birthday bash.

With rare Jordan PEs on hand from several NBA and MLB stars, as well as Kobe IV and V prototypes, the batch of insanely rare sneakers on display was truly impressive.

Check out PHASE2’s exceptional display below, and be sure to check out his Sneak Peek episode for a look at more of his collection and of course, the stories that go into each pair.

Phase2 Sneak Peek:


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