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Where to buy Volvo x Casca "World Car Free Day"

Casca and Volvo might seem like an unlikely duo, but these brands share a bond in their commitment to creating a carbon-neutral atmosphere. With our planet’s future in mind, Volvo calls on Casca to celebrate World Car Free Day with a commemorative sustainable sneaker that puts an innovative spin on the popular Casca Avro silhouette.

World Car Free Day has origins in Europe and is celebrated around the world on September 22nd. The mission for World Car Free Day is to encourage an active lifestyle and challenge people to reduce the pollution emitted by automotive transportation. Volvo is actively taking charge in reducing carbon emissions and is on track to produce only fully electric vehicles by 2030.

More than just cars, one of the leading causes of climate change is the fast-fashion industry. With mechanized manufacturing and endless amounts of waste, we all should be taking the time to be more conscious with our clothing. Casca prioritizes craftsmanship and takes a slow course of action when approaching fashion, ensuring that their production cycle is best for the planet.

When you look at the values at hand, it becomes apparent why Casca and Volvo came together in the first place. Their sustainable World Car Free Day collaboration is truly cutting edge and is everything we love about the future, captured in an everyday sneaker.

Casca used their popular Avro silhouette as the blueprint for this sneaker and took inspiration from the Thor Hammer headlights on Volvo’s fully electric XC40 Recharge for an added design element. Every aspect of this sneaker is innovative and loaded with sustainable details. The speckled gum sole is made with 10% recycled car tires for intentional repurposing and recycling of materials. The white knit upper is crafted with a breathable yarn that is made from 7 recycled plastic bottles. The sneaker comes packaged in a 100% recycled box and includes a reusable tote to eliminate single-use plastic bags. To bring everything together, Casca honors Volvo by placing a Swedish flag shoe tag on one side and a classic Casca yellow shoe tag on the other. 

The limited edition Volvo x Casca “World Car Free Day” sustainable sneaker will be launching on September 22, 2021. You can purchase the sneaker from Casca’s website for $168. Check out the official images below and visit Volvo to get more information on their mission to climate neutrality. For more Casca releases and updates on all your favorite sneakers, follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

Volvo x Casca “World Car Free Day”

Release Date:September 22, 2021

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