Bronze Air Jordan 3 by Matt Senna

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Where do we start? The Bronze Air Jordan 3 by Matt Senna is everything it says it is and more, adding weight to one of the heaviest sneakers in the game. While art can be interpreted in any which way, The Hundreds spoke with Matt about this piece. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have a tendency to create art that isn’t entirely obvious in its intention whether it be positive or negative. As a result, I’ll get two people with entirely opposite interpretations of a piece, and to me, that means for one person it sparked one emotion and the other it sparked the opposite, but it made them both think, and that’s my only intention, to make people think for themselves.

Growing up, I was a big Jordan head and the brand honestly changed my life, not only by inspiring me athletically but by teaching me about brand development. I literally studied the brand and the moves they made, so to me these may mean one thing, but that not the reason I made them. I made these because I think there is an interesting contrast in whether they’re are paying homage to the history of these iconic shoes by freezing them in time, or if it’s an exploitation of the culture and statement about the pedestals we place these brands and materialistic items on by creating these sculptures of them.”

Check out the Bronze Air Jordan 3 by Matt Senna in the photos below. Keep up with Matt’s work on his personal site.

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