Bring ’em Back: Converse AS 91

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Before every player in the NBA had tattoos, Dennis Rodman did. Before fantasy basketball put a premium on rebounding, Dennis Rodman did. Before Kanye West rocked leather pants, Dennis Rodman did. Dennis Rodman did not fit the mold, look the part, or play the role of a superstar, but back in the 90s he may’ve been the league?s biggest attraction not named Jordan. He filled the stands he jumped into, challenged social norms, and paired a blue collar game with multi-color hair dye. The Converse AS 91 released near the peak of his career and controversy; a season that saw his fourth ring, sixth straight rebounding crown, and a cameraman kick. We remember these kicks most. Bring ?em back!

Kicks: Converse AS 91
Released: 1997

Picture via Mis Zapas

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