Bring ’em Back: Reebok S. Carter

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Yesterday, Big Sean saw his second sneaker release from adidas. Just a decade ago, another Shawn saw his name all over SoundScans and sneaker boxes. The Reebok S. Carter kept it casual and classy during the dominant period of Timbs and AF1s, offering a new signature star during pro basketball’s bust in button-down friendly fashion. While the Gucci genealogy was apparent, this shoe still serves as somewhat of a standout in the artist-endorsed shoe realm. It’s classic inspiration makes it more timeless than most, while its spokesman’s longevity adds to such appeal. As Reebok Classics continues to increase its share in both the hip-hop culture and the retro market, is the Reebok S. Carter due for an encore? Yup, bring ‘em back!

Kicks: Reebok S. Carter
Released: 2003

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