Bring ’em Back: Reebok Answer V

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Everybody?s on Jordans these days, and that?s understandable. But after MJ, what player had the biggest impact on the game? Allen Iverson. While he may not have the rings of Kobe or the highlight reel of LeBron James, AI changed the game and the league. Not only was he a trailblazer and trendsetter on the court, but he was also an icon on foot. A strong signature line peeked at the Reebok Answer V. With a retro-heavy basketball market focused on the 90s, what?s looking like these? Nothing. Just like the NBA needed a breath of fresh air back in ?96, the sneaker game needs the same. The timing couldn?t be better for Reebok to catch everyone off guard. Bring ?em back!

Shoe: Reebok Answer V
Released: 2001

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