Boss Lady Talks Reebok Collaboration, Princess Jasmine Inspiration & Hip-Hop Fashion

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Nice Kicks: Reebok has built up an impressive roster recently with lots of leading ladies at the forefront. Who would you most like to see your sneakers on?

Boss Lady: I?d love to see my sneaker on everyone from Angie Martinez to Queen Rania of Jordan. I really have an affinity for women that are authentic and live their life by their own terms. I?d even want Maya Angelou to rock them [laughs]– she?s definitely a boss lady. You know, real, authentic, fly women that are original that have paved the way for women like me.

Boss Lady in the Boss Lady x Reebok Classics Betwixt

Nice Kicks: On the media side of your work, you’ve met and interviewed many A-list artists. Of all the subjects you?ve spoken to, who stands out as the most stylish and why?

Boss Lady: I love Teyana Taylor. I really feel like she picked up the tomboy, street-but-sweet look where Aaliyah left off and really brought it into a contemporary space. I love what Teyana does. She?s able to wear designer clothing, flip it and go tomboy, and look adorable in both. I love the way T.I. dresses. He doesn?t let clothes overtake his persona. He?s very acutely aware of his style and the image he projects when he wears certain items. He?s another one that can go from very expensive, tailored suits to casual grey sweats and a wife beater and look equally sexy in both. Most artists that are talented within their music are talented in their style also. If they?re confident in their sound and the music they?re making, I feel they?re just as confident with how they project themselves fashion wise. Most people get it right when they know who they are intrinsically.

T.I., Aaliyah & Teyana Taylor

Nice Kicks: What advice would you offer to a young woman looking to get her foot in the door in the fashion or entertainment industry?

Boss Lady: I encourage any young woman that wants to work in the fashion or entertainment industry to have a very strong sense of self. If you don?t have a support system create one. Be fearless, but also be very aware of your environment. Remember that every move you make people are watching. Put a lot of thought in the way you move and the career you want for yourself because every level is important from the bottom to the top.

The Boss Lady x Reebok Classic Betwixt is available now at DrJays. Keep up with Simone on Twitter via?@BossLadyNYC.

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