Base Kicks: Hector Santiago Sports Custom Nike LeBron 12 Cleat

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You know how in every Sci-Fi movie involving robots, some over-arching authoritative figure makes the bold and yet obvious proclamation that these “things” are becoming “self-aware” – and then all hell breaks loose? Well, if we take that same approach towards MLB players, it’s more than evident that they are becoming “aware” also in regards to kicks, as the past two editions of Base Kicks have been rather stellar.

For starters, Jimmy Rollins wanted to break the internet last week by showcasing a mostly blue Dodgers PE of the Air Jordan 7. This week, Hector Santiago of the Los Angeles Angels recently unveiled an incredible custom cleat of the Nike LeBron 12. With those things in mind, the latest edition of Base Kicks is certainly worth the look as we have included those previous two players, along with the likes of Kris Bryant, Mike Trout and Gio Gonzalez.

To see for yourself, flip through the pages below to get a detailed account of the latest edition of #BaseKicks

Hector Santiago’s Custom Nike LeBron 12 Cleats Hector Santiago in an Angels PE of the Nike Lunar Vapor Pro Jimmy Rollins in a Dodgers PE of the Air Jordan 7 Jimmy Rollins in a Dodgers PE of the Air Jordan 7

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