Ask a Sneakerhead: Dan Freebairn of KickPosters

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If you’re a purveyor of sneaker art, chances are you are quite familiar with the work of this week’s Ask a Sneakerhead guest. The mastermind behind KickPosters, Dan Freebairn has been putting his artistic talents on full display all the while adding some soleful detailing to home/office decor. After making some waves with his adidas-inspired anti-Air Max Day illustrations from last month, we caught up with the crafty illustrator to inquire about both his journey and KickPosters brand. Read on to peep everything Dan had to say and be sure to check out some of Dan’s work down below.

Nice Kicks: With KickPosters allowing sneakerheads everywhere to add some sneaker-inspired flavor to their home/office decor, what was the inspiration behind creating KickPosters?

Dan Freebairn: KickPosters was created almost unintentionally. I’ve always had a love for sneakers, especially since I’ve been making enough money to collect them. Being a graphic designer I’m a creative and I naturally have a passion for art and design. I often play around with design techniques and styles, and one day this lead to creating a sneaker illustration after seeing some other sneaker art online. I posted it on Instagram and someone then asked if they could buy it as a print. Once I’d printed the poster I again posted it on my profile and I received requests to illustrate other shoes. At that point I realized I had something and was born.

Nice Kicks: Seeing as how there’s new sneakers essentially releasing every weekend, what does it take for a shoe to catch your eye and turn it into an illustration?

Dan Freebairn: At first it felt as if I was illustrating anything and everything, mainly to attract as many sneakerheads to my site as possible. However after a year, I found myself illustrating shoes I like or wish I had in my collection. At the same time I have to make sure I throw in some of the more talked about/hyped shoes to keep the profile/site views up and keep attracting new followers and customers.

Nice Kicks: Any words of wisdom for illustrators/graphic artists looking to leave their mark on the artistic side of the sneaker world?

Dan Freebairn: One thing I have learned is don’t be scared of trying things and don’t be scared to ask questions. I’ve been lucky enough to have my work featured on several major sneaker and lifestyle blogs and Instagram accounts. The majority of these came from myself requesting blog features, posts and shout outs. It’s not going to harm anyone if you send a few emails. Another thing I’d say is try and find your own style. By all means, take inspiration from others but put your own twist on it. Artists and designers can be real precious over their work, so make friends in the industry not enemies.

Dan Freebairn of KickPosters Dan Freebairn of KickPosters Dan Freebairn of KickPosters Dan Freebairn of KickPosters Dan Freebairn of KickPosters Dan Freebairn of KickPosters Dan Freebairn of KickPosters

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