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Whether you know him from the work he’s put in on the battle rap scene or from the playful a cappella punchlines he floors opponents with on Wild ‘n Out, Conceited certainly has bars for days. While his lyrics may make people ooh and aww, his sneaker game is just as intriguing. Having recently dropped a freestyle based on nothing but sneakers, Ask a Sneakerhead caught up with the MC to not only chop it up about his relationship to the sneaker culture but about how his viral freestyle came to be as well. Read on after the jump to check out everything Conceited had to say and be sure to check back next week for a brand new installment of Ask a Sneakerhead right here on Nice Kicks.

Nice Kicks: How long have you been into sneakers? When did you first get into the sneaker culture?

Conceited: I’ve been into sneakers my whole entire life. I even had on a pair of 3s in my mothers stomach [laughs].

Nice Kicks: How did the sneaker freestyle come about?

Conceited: The sneaker freestyle came about because like two weeks prior I did one with my Mitchell & Ness jerseys the same way. I was using wordplay on both the player and team names and the feedback I got was OD crazy. So I was like damn, I wonder what else I can do. So I literally remember waking up in the morning and looking at my “Carmine” Jordan 6s and instantly the play on words car mine jumped into my head. The box for the “Hare” Jordan 7s was sitting directly next to them so I thought of using a hare/hair bar and in that moment I was like damn that’s it, here’s the next freestyle. Let me just go through some of the Jordans that I have and have been given names and do exactly what I did with the jerseys.

I knew this was gonna appeal to a wider audience because of how big the culture is and also how big the haters are about the culture especially when it comes to Jordans so I knew it would get attention both ways. I grabbed out a few more shoe boxes and added the final touch by doing the freestyle with the shoes in numerical order.

Nice Kicks: Having showcased a wide range of Jordans in your video, what’s your favorite pair of Air Jordans? Why?

Conceited: I would say my favorite pair of Air Jordans is either the Air Jordan 11 “Columbia” or either of the “Cement” Jordan 3s. But if it was life or death and I had to choose it would definitely be the “Cement” 3s, don’t tell the “Columbias” I said that though [laughs]. But the 3s are my favorite just because that damn elephant print is legendary on that shoe. But for the “Columbias,” that fresh white patent leather with the icy blue outsole is just heaven son. Like really [laughs]. Look up at the sky, the clouds and sky blue sky looks exactly like the “Columbias” at times.

Nice Kicks: Any words of wisdom for upcoming rappers?

Conceited: All advice for up and coming rappers is don’t wait for anybody in this day and age. With YouTube and all the social media outlets out there, do what you want when you want to drop your content. Stay consistent and outwork everybody.

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