The Antepes Muscle Runners is Changing Running and Recovery with Every Stride

Antepes is striving to change the game with its Muscle Runner which is designed to build muscle and joint strength by strengthening underutilized muscles.

The Antepes Muscle Runners facilitate proper running form by shifting the impact from your ankles, knees, and lower back onto your leg muscles. With its design, the Antepes Muscle Runners strike and bounce on your forefoot

The upper part of the shoes is made with Merino wool and eucalyptus tree fibers for a soft and breathable ride. Additionally, the midsole is made with TPE foam for shock absorption and energy return. Its lightweight carbon fiber plate provides stability and flexibility to help strengthen your leg muscles and joints with every stride.

Antepes adds more functionality to the shoe with its packaging as the Muscle Runners are delivered in the fascia crusher massage roller, making it the perfect companion for recovery.

The Antepes Muscle Runners is available now for $225 at

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