Animalistic adidas: 5 Sneaker Suggestions for Jeremy Scott

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Jeremy Scott is an interesting designer. With a style only describable as ?unique,? Scott?s taken ideas that on paper sound ridiculous and turned them into worldwide fashion trends. His work with adidas Originals has followed the same path. ?You want to put a stuffed animal on the tongue of a shoe??

Needless to say, the quick sell-outs of all of Scott?s sneaks have silenced even the loudest of haters. And with 2011 and 2012 poised to bring us even more JS work, we decided to offer up some suggestions for the designer in the spirit of his most recent drops. Check out the stuffed animal sneakers we think would make for some sick three stripe sneaks and let us know which else you?d like to see.


Who said the days of super high tops are over? With a giraffe on the tongue, your jeans would never drag, if nothing else. Be warned, though, you could take out your knee cap with these things.

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