AMAC Footwear’s Katema Silhouette is Available Now for “World Water Day”

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With the Flint Water Crisis drawing national headlines and the growing need for clean water abroad, AMAC Footwear is looking to increase the efforts of “clean water” initiatives by making their latest silhouette available once again for World Water Day. This Oklahoma City based footwear brand is doing something that has never been done before in the athletic footwear market and that’s providing clean drinking water for someone in need with every purchase of their footwear.

Helping provide 2,400 years worth of clean drinking water within first week of hitting the market, the Katema model was released on March 12th and helped forge the incredible amount of clean and efficient drinking water, as mentioned prior. And with today being World Water Day, AMAC is allowing customers to take part once again, as the Katema is available now for the retail price of $89.

To see more, check out the Katema over at the AMAC site, now.


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