Allen Iverson Talks Spin Move in Infamous Reebok Answer 1 Commercial

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All truly great signature sneaker lines also had great marketing campaigns. Such is true for Allen Iverson and his collection with Reebok. While the intro to Allen and The Question commercial and the Answer 5 clips with Jadakiss stand out, a cult classic is the spot for the Reebok Answer 1.

In the ad, Allen Iverson debuted a new move that had pundits scratching their heads and playground hoopers trying to catch up. Switching up the conventional spin move by throwing the ball across his body and behind his back mid spin, both the ad and dribbling display live in hoops folklore. At the Packer Shoes x Reebok x Gary Land event in NYC, we asked Allen about the infamous move.

“I was a young dude just being creative and I just came up with it. I didn’t know what I was doing man!” [Laughs] So, did he ever do it in a game? “Never. [Laughs] Only in the garage where I made it.”

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