Air Jordan 2010 – What If?

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Earlier this morning we gave you the first official look at the Air Jordan 2010 which received some “mixed” reactions from readers. ?The one element the Air Jordan 2010 that received the most discussion was the “window.” ?While the circular space provides some added performance features such as extra ventilation and perhaps the ability for one to wear the shoes through airport security, it seemed to be a deal breaker for a few readers.

Nike Basketball has produced several NFW (non-Flywire) makeups for their basketball featuring Flywire tech putting fashion over function. ?Perhaps could we see a Air Jordan 2010 NW (no window)? ?Let us know your thoughts about the two versions of the AJ 2010’s.

Air Jordan 2010 "NW" (no window)
Air Jordan 2010 (photo from Complex)

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