Air Jordan 2 + Air Jordan 3 Slam Dunk Pack

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Rumors about upcoming retro Air Jordans is nothing new, but neither is the rumor of a “Slam Dunk Pack”. ?Dating back to 2008 there were rumors that there would not be a Jordan 8/15 CDP since the two were both retroed only months before in the final months of 2007. ?The idea was simple, but sounded so great to collectors. ?A DMP consisting of the two shoes that Michael Jordan wore while winning his two Slam Dunk Contests – Air Jordan 2 and Air Jordan 3.

In Seattle for the 1987 Dunk Contest Michael Jordan wore the White/Black-Red Air Jordan II. ?The following year, Michael Jordan wore the White/Black-Cement Air Jordan IIIs when he faced off against Dominique Wilkins in the finals. ?On the final dunk Dominique scored a 45 leaving a little bit of room for MJ to take the title. ?Sure enough, in amazing form, Michael Jordan did it with a 50 beating Wilkins and taking back to back Slam Dunk titles.

Back to the sneakers, this latest rumor started on a Korean sneaker blog. ?We have yet to confirm from any of our credible Jordan sources whether or not this is true, but we do know that Jordan Brand has many great things planned for the 25th anniversary in 2010. ?Hypothetically, if there was a Slam Dunk Pack to come out with a $310 would you purchase or pass?

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