Agenda Report // Reebok Classic Previews Push for 2016

words // Ian Stonebrook
photos // Adrian J. Martin

This week, the world-famous Agenda Show touched down in Miami for the first time. As expected, brands, buyers and bloggers all came out to the home of the Heat in hopes of previewing and rocking some heat of their own. Always a fixture of the Agenda scene, Reebok was in the house to offer a glimpse at their Fall 2016 lineup.

With previewed product months away, we weren’t able to shoot some of the heavy hitters. (Pro-tip: if you like Allen Iverson and Insta Pump Furys there are some great stories and surprises coming in 2016.) However, we did get some inside info on a couple major initiatives for Reebok Classic this year.

Reebok Classic Leather White/Gum

The Classic Leather is their marquee model in 2016. Rolled out via the Kendrick Lamar collaboration, the shoe made perfect sense for K. Dot. “We feel like the Classic Leather really spoke to Kendrick and his roots,” explained Reebok’s Kyle Anglin. “Growing up, that was one of the silhouettes he wore as a youngster.” While Kendrick’s bold in content but neutral in styling collab opened the floodgates for the Classic Leather earlier this month, the shoe will continue to drop in new flavors all year. Gum soles are the catalyst on many colorways, offering an everyday wear and classic appeal.

“Squeaks”-sized Reebok Insta Pump Fury

Over the years, Pump technology and nostalgia have proven consistent for Reebok. Though some crazy coloways in adult sizes are being kept under wraps until closer to launch date, the Insta Pump Fury and its peers are making moves this year and they’re also dropping in crib sizes for the first time. “The Pump Fury is really doing well across the board globally for us. Accounts like Packer, BAIT and Extra Butter really got them off the ground for us,” reflects Anglin. “With the Squeaks, we felt like it was a great time to incorporate the infant sizes as well.”

“Squeaks”-sized Reebok Insta Pump Fury “Squeaks”-sized Reebok Insta Pump Fury

While readers will have to wait to see what’s next for Reebok as a whole, attendees of Agenda Miami got an early preview of new releases from the Pump family to the always coveted Question. The move south has been a welcome one for attendees, with the brands and buyers digging the change in landscape, too. “The whole vibe in Miami is different,” Anglin notes. “The city speaks for itself. We were excited about it because it was something new and it kind of gives you a different perspective as well. Coming from the Northeast, the weather is a lot better out here and it puts the buyers and the brands in a really cool mindset.”

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