More Images Of Anthony Edwards’ Adidas AE 1 Surface

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Adidas Basketball‘s next signature athlete is here as Anthony Edwards’ Adidas AE 1 surfaces with more images ahead of the shoe’s release rumored for late 2023. The in-depth look of the Adidas AE 1 follows hours after the Adidas AE 1 logo was revealed.

Anthony Edwards' Adidas AE 1 Logo
Anthony Edwards’ Adidas AE 1 Logo

In 2020, Anthony Edwards was drafted first overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves and signed a shoe deal with Adidas. In his Three-Stripes contract, Edwards agreed to a clause that stated he would receive his own signature shoe if he made the NBA All-Star roster. In 2023, Edwards fulfilled the clause as he was added to the roster as a reserve player and as a result, will be launching the Adidas AE 1 for the 2023-24 season.

Leaked images have appeared online allowing us to get a first glimpse of the Adidas AE 1. While specific technical details have not been disclosed by adidas, the shoe boasts a prominent TPU overlay with ventilated holes that extend to the sole unit. Additional features include a black bootie with matching black laces and a white Three-Stripes logo on the heels.

Look for the Adidas AE 1 to release sometime later this year. More details should be available soon, so be sure to check back with our Adidas release dates page. Take a first look at the sneaker below and follow @NiceDrops on Instagram.

Adidas AE 1 via @ucornhoops

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