A Complete History of Michael Jordan’s All-Star Sneakers

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Happy birthday, MJ. Well regarded as the best there is and the best there’s been on both the basketball and sneaker front, Michael Jordan is now 51 years of age. During the span of his legendary career, Michael Jordan made the NBA All-Star team 14 times and also competed in an array of events. Get a complete history of Michael Jordan’s All-Star Weekend sneakers and let us know your favorite pair in the comment section.

Air Jordan 1 Black/Red

image via PR Web

Kicks: Air Jordan 1 Black/Red
Event: 1985 NBA Dunk Contest

The 1985 Slam Dunk Contest may have the best lineup ever assembled. While the rookie from UNC didn’t take the title, he did take the Human Highlight Film down to the wire in the finals.

Air Jordan 1 White/Red-Black

Kicks: Air Jordan 1 White/Red-Black
Event: 1985 NBA All-Star Game

What’s the best way to melt a supposed freeze out? Three boards and a bucket in the first minute. Michael might not have dominated his first All-Star Weekend, but he did his thing and he did it his way.

Air Jordan 2 White/Black-Red

Kicks: Air Jordan 2 White/Black-Red
Event: 1987 NBA Dunk Contest

Competing against future rivals and teammates alike, Michael Jordan won his first Slam Dunk trophy in his second attempt in his second signature.

Air Jordan 2 White/Red

image via Classic Kicks

Kicks: Air Jordan 2 White/Red
Event: 1987 NBA All-Star Game

Injuries kept Jordan out of a sophomore start. Nevertheless, Jordan’s junior season saw him lead all players in votes. A young Jordan dropped 11 points and four dimes in the White/Red AJ 2.

Air Jordan 3 White/Cement

Kicks: Air Jordan 3 White/Cement
Event: 1988 NBA Dunk Contest

Wonder why these sold out so fast? Hype or no hype, MJ made history in ’88 by flying from the free throw line and defeating Dominique in the White/Cement 3s.

Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement

Kicks: Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement
Event: 1988 NBA All-Star Game

Talk about a good weekend. Jordan took home his first ASG MVP in front of a hometown Chicago crowd in the Black/Cement 3s.

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

image via Sports List of the Day

Kicks: Air Jordan 4 Black/Red
Event: 1989 NBA All-Star Game

Hosted in H-Town, MJ laced up the Black/Red Jordan 4s for the ’89 All-Star Game. Once again, he led all players in votes and tied ASG MVP Karl Malone with a game-high 28 points.

Air Jordan 5 White/Black-Fire Red

image via The Score Tumblr

Kicks: Air Jordan 5 White/Black-Fire Red
Event: 1990 NBA Three-Point Contest

Not all of Jordan’s All-Star efforts were dominant. After doing his thing in the Dunk Contest, MJ entered the Three-Point contest but lost to teammate Craig Hodges. Go Bulls!

Air Jordan 5 Black/Silver

Kicks: Air Jordan 5 Black/Silver
Event: 1990 NBA All-Star Game

Defense or no defense, Michael Jordan left the 1990 ASG with five steals and a win. Magic took the MVP, but the East took the game as Jordan led the team with 17 points.

Air Jordan 6 Black/Infrared

Kicks: Air Jordan 6 Black/Infrared
Event: 1991 NBA All-Star Game

Jordan led the ’91 ASG in points, votes, and turnovers. While MJ was getting buckets in the Black/Infrared 6s, Sir Charles took home the MVP by grabbing 22 boards.

Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux”

Kicks: Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux”
Event: 1992 NBA All-Star Game

The 1992 All-Star Game was all about Magic Johnson. Jordan still put on a show, dropping 18 points and going one-on-one with Magic in the “Bordeaux” 7s.

Air Jordan 8 “Aqua”

Kicks: Air Jordan 8 “Aqua”
Event: 1993 NBA All-Star Game

The “Aqua” 8s proved a fitting colorway for Salt Lake City, as Jordan’s jumper proved wet in a 30-point performance.

Air Jordan 11 “Columbia”

Kicks: Air Jordan 11 “Columbia”
Event: 1996 NBA All-Star Game

He’s back. After baseballin’ with the Barons, MJ returned to the game he loved and the midseason showcase in the “Columbia” 11s. The result? Another MVP trophy.

Air Jordan 12 “Playoff”

Kicks: Air Jordan 12 “Playoff”
Event: 1997 NBA All-Star Game

If he didn’t get his fifth ring in this colorway, maybe they’d be called the “All-Star.” The Black/White makeup went well with the traditional team unis, and once again Jordan led the league in votes.

Air Jordan 13 “Playoffs”

Kicks: Air Jordan 13 “Playoffs”
Event: 1998 NBA All-Star Game

Same story as the last shoes, only this time Jordan won the MVP. Most people thought Kobe’s first All-Star Game would be Jordans last, but not quite.

Air Jordan 17 Low “Lightning”

Kicks: Air Jordan 17 Low “Lightning”
Event: 2002 NBA All-Star Game

Back in basketball and back in the starting lineup, Jordan’s first All-Star Game in Wizard’s blue saw “Lightning” 17 Lows.

Air Jordan 18 White/Sport Royal

Kicks: Air Jordan 18 White/Sport Royal
Event: 2003 NBA All-Star Game

A fadeaway jumper was vintage Jordan, but his ‘at peace with basketball’ speech and Mariah sendoff was most memorable. Now that you’ve seen all the shoes, tell us your favorite in the voting poll and comment section.

Lead image photos via SI Vault

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