Best You’ll Never Have: 8 Basketball Shoes That Won’t Get Retroed

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Even in the abundant climate of retros, re-retros, and revamps, some basketball shoes just aren’t coming back. Sure, it’d be great to have a chance to score every pair of kicks we ever wanted growing up, but when it comes down to business, some models won’t be remade or re-released. Here are eight hoops shoes we don’t see getting the retro treatment anytime soon, and our reasons why.

Nike Air Command Force

Reason: Cost

Though the technology used on the Nike Air Command Force is dated after two decades, it’d be incredibly expensive to re-up or rebuild. The asking price of $180 was crazy then, and the inflated retail on these pumped up kicks would be even wilder for a retro in 2013. We’d love to see these back, we just don’t see it happening in OG form. Would you buy an amended version like the Air Force 180 Mid retro?

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