50 Cent: G-Units Outsold Jay Z’s Sneakers 6:1, Made $80M with Reebok

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In a recent interview with REVOLT, 50 Cent speaks about his sneaker deal with Reebok that took happened more than a decade ago (now I feel old). In the interview, 50 drops some gems such as the fact that he made more than $80 Million during his time with Reebok, that the G-Units outsold Jay Z’s S. Carters 6-1, and that he was signed to Reebok largely as a response to Reebok losing the bidding war for LeBron James.

Just for the sake of comparing apples to apples, LeBron’s initial contract with Nike was a 7 years, $90 Million, while 50 Cent captured mostly royalties on products sold. In the end, 50 Cent and Reebok had a shorter relationship and he netted just $10 Million less than LeBron. All in all, 50 Cent and LeBron both won.

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