Weird Wins: 20 of the Most Unique Basketball Sneaker Designs

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Over the years, we’ve witnessed the success of some incredible, simplistic silhouettes from powerhouse brands that are easy to fall in love with or hate at first sight. On the contrary, there are multiple silhouettes that are so far from the norm, we either grow to love them, hate them or learn to accept their unique qualities. How did you feel when you first saw the Foamposite One? What were the first words out of your mouth after seeing the Reebok Shaqnosis? Check out 20 of the most unique basketball designs ever conceived, and find out why each silhouette is, well, different.

Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt

Let’s see – a green haired, inked up basketball player wearing #91 and only going for rebounds. That’s pretty distinctive, right? Yes, and so was Dennis Rodman’s signature Air Shake NDestrukt. This bizarre design adopted the side-lacing system and featured an oversized Swoosh on the in-step atop a ribbed upper.

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