July 2007

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Sole Collector Issue 19 Releasing Soon

We have been waiting for the release of the new Sole Collector ever since we heard about the concept - paying homage to the 90's.?? Though the Nike Air Force Ones, Dunks, and early?? Air Jordans , first released in the 1980's, as a whole, t...
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BMFabriks “Fresh” T-Shirt

As much as we may argue with parents, girl friends, spouses, or just about anyone else, there are other things to spend money on than sneakers. While food and shelter are high on the lists of many t-shirts and fitted that match my kicks sit at n...
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New Alife Sneakers for Fall

Alife made alot of noise this spring when they opened many new doors and had a handful of great sneakers that released. The fall lineup of Alife kicks is even better than the spring line. This lineup really challenges the possibilities of the A...