Welcome to Nice Angeles – Nice Kicks DTLA Preview

Sep 3, 2016 | Matt Halfhill |



Thursday night, Nice Kicks played host to select guests from within the footwear, apparel, entertainment, and sports industry to give a sneak preview of the new Nice Kicks DTLA shop.

Located at the corner of 9th & Main in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Nice Kicks DTLA space is housed in the iconic structure known to many in the downtown area as “the cube.”  This contemporary two-story structure is unlike any other building in the area standing tall on the busy corner just steps away from the Ace Hotel and many other new building adding height to the downtown skyline.

Want to get a look at the new Nice Kicks DTLA space yourself? Make sure you are keeping up to date by checking NiceKicks.com on a regular basis as well as following us on all social media with the handle @nicekicks.

We look forward to hosting more events in the near future including our grand opening coming in just a few days.  Stay tuned!

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