Try On Pumas Virtually with Snapchat’s New AR Shopping Feature

If you thought your shopping habit was bad already, wait until you try Snapchat‘s new shopping feature, “Dress Up.” This interactive AR tool allows you to virtually try on items through an engaging shopping experience.

To access Dress Up, you can find it underneath Snapchat’s Lens Explorer tab. The lenses let you instantly overlay items onto your body, to get an idea of how things would look before you purchase. The tool is designed to help you discover new brands while simultaneously discovering what retailers offer AR shopping experiences.

Snapchat also debuted new software that benefit its AR Image Processing and 3D Asset Manager. Both tools will help businesses create AR content for Snapchat’s product detail pages. These tools will be released alongside the new Snapchat Camera Kit which allows brands to integrate catalogs of their products for more virtual try-ons.

Puma is Snapchat’s first global partner to utilize the new AR technology. To try it out, open the Snapchat app and scroll through Puma’s range of sneakers using the Snapchat Camera Kit. Fore more sneaker news and release dates, follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

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