Troop Pro Edition

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As the demand climbs for vintage sneakers and older brands climbs, the possibilities of the brand returning to the market grows as well. Lately we have seen the resurrection of British Knights, talk and rumors of Ewing brand returning, and now Troop.

Created in the Bronx, New York in 1986, Troop was one of the first brands to be adopted by the hip-hop community. Consisting of both apparel and footwear, the brand was popularized in the mainstream by pioneering rap acts like LL Cool. With 95% of sales to African American and Latino customers, it is no surprise that a rumor that TROOP stood for “To Rule Over Oppressed People” and was owned by the KKK killed its credibility and thus sales.

Nelly announced last February that he is bringing the brand back through a licensing deal. These Troop Pro Editions are samples of what is to come. Photos from Sneaker Freaker.

Troop Pro Edition – Red

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