Tory Lanez Talks Air Jordans, Music Industry Advice & Staying Swavey

Tory Lanez with Big Sean

Nice Kicks: You were on the road for a while touring with Big Sean. What’d you pick up from him?

Tory Lanez: I watched Big Sean when he was on his tour backstage preparing for his shows. These guys are very, very concentrated, and I feel like concentration before the show is something I?ve learned from them.

Nice Kicks: That?s a good thing to pick up. Sticking with music, how would you describe your sound?

Tory Lanez: Same thing I said, I?d describe it as swavey! You never really know what you?re going to get but it?s going to be quality. I?m one of those guys that are quality over quantity.

Nice Kicks: Considering the range that implies, are there any genres you wouldn?t touch?

Tory Lanez: Every genre can get touched; it?s like a pretty girl [laughs].

Nice Kicks: That opens the door for a lot of collaborations. Of all the different musicians you?ve worked with so far, who has been the most enjoyable to create with?

Tory Lanez: Bieber. When me and Justin worked, we didn?t have a session together, but just knowing him and knowing what kind of sound he wanted when he sent us the record and doing my parts on it was I think my favorite experience.

Nice Kicks: As an artist, would you say you learn more from working behind the scenes with a bigger name or through your own experience as a solo act?

Tory Lanez: In life, I feel like you learn from both being in the spotlight and from being away from it and seeing the mistakes that people make sometimes in the spotlight. Basically, if I don?t make the error I learn off of someone else?s error.

Tory Lanez performing with Sean Kingston

Nice Kicks: In regard to advice as an artist, what?s some of the best advice you carry with you?

Tory Lanez: Sean Kingston?s told me a lot of things that have really stuck with me. One thing he told me is, ?It?s not a hit record unless you can hum it.? That stuck with me. I?ve got to make a melody that you can hum, because if you can?t hum it then it?s not catchy. He?s told me a lot of things like that. Then I?ve got Sascha Stone. He?s the smartest dude I know. He?ll say something and even if it sounds wild to me I?ll say okay because I know he?s got a plan behind it. Sacha?s given me a lot of great advice.

Nice Kicks: What do you want fans to take from Sincerely Tory?

Tory Lanez: I feel like a lot of the times young people that just listen to rap or hip-hop, which is a lot of my fan base, just look for punch lines. The reason I called it Sincerely Tory is because every song is a song about something that happened in my life. I want you to really listen and understand that I?m going through sh*t just like the next person. I just want people to know that I?m a human being too. I f*ck up, I make mistakes, and all that on the project goes to show that. It?s a real piece of me; I just want them to listen.

Sincerely Tory

Nice Kicks: Moving forward, what can fans expect next from you?

Tory Lanez: The unexpectable. I know that sounds so clich?, and we all talk about this, but really unexpected stuff. Songs and genres that people don?t expect me to do. I?m also working with a lot of Texas producers. A lot of dope stuff.

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