Parley x adidas Hit Venice Beach with Chad Johnson and Nice Kicks LA

Shoes, sun and sand collided as the Parley x adidas partnership was celebrated with a game of beach football with Nice Kicks LA. Hosting the likes of Chad Johnson, Dwayne Frampton, Dani Klupenger and Antonio Pierce, fans and footballers were all there to raise awareness for the oceans also catch some touchdown passes.

While copping the kicks is a good way to be stylish, the good folks at Parley have listed out some ways to keep the oceans cleaner. Check out the tips and pics all below.

Tips from Parley:

– No more bags. Carry reusable totes to avoid using plastic bags
– No more bottles. Filling a reusable water bottle saves marine life, water, money, and possibly your own health
– Rethink your coffee cup. Avoid them by swapping to a reusable travel mug.
– Skip the straw
– Clean up your hygiene routine. Replace bottled shampoos and body wash with soap and shampoo bars. Avoid products with microbeads, too
– Own your waste. Compost and recycle to minimize contributions to landfills
– Avoid unnecessary packaging on food and household items



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