NMD Travels: See How Sami Miró Sources & Reimagines Vintage Denim

Designer Sami Miró’s life revolves around vintage clothing. Her studio space is a trove of rare finds from old school Americana like denim and Harley Davidson t-shirts, to salvaged runway pieces which will eventually be meticulously cut, sewn and reimagined for celebrity and fashion devotee clients. Since making LA her base of operations, Sami has scoured the sprawling city to build a network of suppliers, embroidery specialists and pattern technicians who help bring her garments to life.

Giving a behind-the-scenes look inside the world of Los Angeles vintage, Sami took HYPEBEAST out for a day to shadow her curation and design process. Starting first at her archive of clothing, Sami showed us what makes a piece worthy of obtaining before taking us to the warehouses where she spends hours sifting through old garments. Finally, we caught a glimpse of her construction process in action alongside her pattern technician Elliott Evan.

During the journey, Sami picked out some of her favorite pieces to rock — selecting a customized retro adidas hoodie along with some throwback 2Pac track pants for the day. She paired the look with the latest adidas NMD XR1 W to add a modern edge and comfort for the long day ahead. Watch the complete video above to see and hear more about Sami and pickup the latest adidas NMD sneakers at the official adidas webstore.