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Nike’s man of mystery this year has definitely been the Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy. The world first caught a glimpse in February when Kanye wore the shoes on stage during a Grammy performance and it wasn’t until slipped some info in an interview later that month that Kanye let it slip that the shoe was not just an exclusive for him, but rather “[the Nike Air Yeezy] wasn’t out yet.”

Since then we have seen numerous photos of Kanye wearing the Air Yeezy on and off stage in multiple color ups and Mr. West has even helped give us some sneak peeks from his blog at Kanye Universecity. Now, we have a first, high resolution photos of the Nike Air Yeezy. Sole Collector was granted the all access pass to the shoes and from the lighting and resolution, one can tell that these got some time in a studio setting. In addition to a detailed look at the Yeezy as we know it, there also was a never before seen photo of what looks like the Air Yeezy on a Jordan 4 outsole.

What also is interesting that we found is that the Air Yeezy has been a concept that has been in the works for quite a while. Posted on Kanye’s manager, Don C’s blog, we found pics of Kanye West sitting next to Nike’s CEO Mark Parker working on sketches on Nike’s private jet. The blog post is dated for December 11, 2006 which was the day after the Nike 1 Night Only event. More shots after the jump.

Sadly, we noticed that another shoe that Kanye has worn, the Ato Matsumoto boots are one of the latest victims to the fake trade. With so many advance photos and the fact the Yeezy is made primarily of components that bootleg factories are already making, we are afraid of what we will see on the floor of the MAGIC Tradeshow later this month. :-/

A question we would like to ask you, since the Air Yeezy has been seen for many months online, do you feel less hyped about the shoes?

Nike Air Yeezy Black/White

Nike Air Yeezy Beige/Orange

Nike Air Yeezy unseen sample with Jordan 4 outsole

Kanye West sketching the Nike Air Yeezy

Kanye West sitting next to Nike CEO Mark Parker

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