Nice Kicks x Crep Protect Collaborative Pack Available Now

Jun 9, 2015 | Pierce Simpson |



Life is full of surprises. Some come in the form of finding loose change between the couch cushions and others arrive in a nine-to-ten month duration. Aside from that previous notion that zoomed over a variety of readers’ heads, us sneaker lovers understand that all “surprises” aren’t good “surprises” and in fact, most of those arrive in the form of dirt and grime. With clean sneakers being so vital to the sneaker culture itself, it seems fitting that here at Nice Kicks we linked up with a rather formidable brand that helps sneakerheads combat the elements year round – and that’s Crep Protect.

Introducing a collaborative pack that is available now, this boxset features a video player with USB capabilities along with two canisters of the unique Crep Protect formula that helps repel rain and stains. Featuring a red hue, along with a red push top, each canister contains the NK speech bubble logo along with various and unique word-marks along the packaging.

This collaborative pack is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one that enjoys his or her kicks!

If you would like to purchase the Nice Kicks x Crep Protect Collaborative Pack, head over to the Nice Kicks shop in Austin, Texas or shop online at Shop Nice Kicks.


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