My 5: Theophilus London’s Sneaker Rotation

Jul 22, 2011 | Ian Stonebrook |



?The clothes don?t make the man, it?s the man makes the clothes? says Theophilus London. Any regular Celebrity Sneaker Stalker reader can tell you that Theophilus stands out and stands alone in style. The stranger in Stockholm has seen it all and worn it all, whether it?s Jordans in advance or canvas kicks like it?s 1936. From high end hooping to custom Fiegs, TL gives us a look at his current rotation and tells us a story with each pair.

Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux"

Theophilus London: “Still rock the Bordeauxs, feel me? Rocking those with an army fatigue jacket. I go to Cannes in France a lot and rock those. Bordeauxs in France, it?s only right? I think the Bordeauxs are just an amazing color. Why did they pick that f*cking color? Is it a representation of France? Was it the Olympics? I just like rocking them so we put in ?em in the video.”


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