Jonathan Cheban Talks OG Jordans, Kanye Style Advice & Kim K’s Sneaker Closet

Oct 29, 2012 | Ian Stonebrook |



Nice Kicks: You wore the “Doernbecher” 4s backstage at the Jay-Z show at Barclays as well as scooter shopping. Describe the different reactions in each situation.

Jonathan Cheban: People went crazy. My favorite sneaker store right now is Kixclusive. I had my eye on them for a while and got them that day for the Jay-Z concert. I walked out with them on and it was like a prize. People went nuts when they saw them, especially backstage at the show, all those guys know about sneakers. There were so many paparazzi pics when we went scooter shopping that I got so many comments on Twitter. The color combo is overwhelming to me; it?s just beautiful.

Jonathan Cheban scooter shopping in the Air Jordan 4 “Doernbecher”

Nice Kicks: We’ve noticed Kim wearing sneakers more. Who gets credit for that?

Jonathan Cheban: Yeah, Kim had her Sketchers deal so she was wearing sneakers then. But I saw last week in her closet that she has the ?Pure Platinum? Yeezys. They looks really good on her.

Nice Kicks: Out of you, Rob, and Kanye, who has the strongest sneaker game?

Jonathan Cheban: Oh my God! Well, Kanye?s got a lot of Yeezys that add up, but I?ve been doing the sneaker game for a lot longer than Rob. That?s for sure. I don?t know where Rob gets his from, but he doesn?t have any originals. I definitely have the originals from like 20 years ago. Kanye?s got sick Louis Vuittons and stuff like that. Those are on another level.

Nice Kicks: Do you ever talk to Kanye about style?

Jonathan Cheban: Of course! He?s like a style genius. I know when I?m going out with Kanye to put my best sneakers on because Kanye sees everything. He always comments like, ?I love those Jordan 1s.? But the black Yeezy 2s are literally, to me, the perfect shoe. It doesn?t get any better than that. That mold, that shape? He should have like a hundred different colors of that because it?s perfect.

Jonathan Cheban in the Air Jordan 1 “Washington, D.C.”

Nice Kicks: We put you against Wale in a recent Who Rocked It Better. In your opinion, which celebs or artists have the best style?

Jonathan Cheban: I love Wiz Khalifa. He wears really dope shoes and a lot of rose gold which I love. He?s very cool. I love Justin Bieber and his whole Supra thing, because I was wearing Supras for a long time and for me those are great for going out. And Kanye. His style is so clean but everything is super expensive. I read comments where people are like, ?Oh, he?s wearing a ripped t-shirt.? It?s like, ?That ripped t-shirt costs more than your house!? It?s ripped on purpose like that; it?s so above people?s heads. People don?t know even know those designers and they don?t understand it. He?s just dealing with a whole different head.

Nice Kicks: Have you picked up anything style wise from Kanye?

Jonathan Cheban: He?s wearing a lot of leather, even leather in the summer, that?s like the big thing. I?m kind of getting into that. He wears a lot of dark colors, never any print. I kind of like that look. Minimalistic colors and very good fabrics– he?s everything not cheesy.


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